My Geek Family (One-shot) (GrayHaven Comics, 2014)

my-geek-familyStory: Doug Hahner

Art: Donal Delay

(Yes, the new week has started and we WILL have the new release reviews starting tonight, but there was one pending from last week so here it be mateys! – Ahrrr!)

A short, sweet and touchingly simple little slice of geek life.

This comic was a bit of a lucky find because a friend recommended it. I had never heard of Doug Hahner or GrayHaven Comics but I’m glad this came across my path.


The main characters and events of the story are as the author puts it, either purely fictional or fictionalised versions of the truth. Clearly it is based on/inspired by his own life and family and maybe other people he knows and if that be the case, he is a lucky guy. We get to meet a fictional Doug, his wife, his two energised little boys Owen and Dylan and of course the dogs, as they go about their day.

I feel I should be clear: This is NOT a comic about some grand story; it’s not a deep and moving look at life, nor is it anything deeplu philosophical or even farcical. It’s just simple and honest. It’s what I imagine most “geeks” hope for (besides the big dreams and rockstar ambitions) and in very real terms this is the good life to aspire to – at least I can honestly say that if I had this much (modest as it is) and could do what I loved, nothing could be better.


The current comics market is a flood of comic-mania, franchising, big-names, gritty action, over-the-top story-telling, loads of parody and movie-pitch story-telling (not to mention a lot of pretentious comics and the rise of the “graphic novel” as some more commonly acceptable form of a medium that is at its roots older than all others with so much more verve to it!). In the midst of that to find a little gem like this just adds a little lightness to ones mind and as I read it this past Monday, it gave a touch of simple joy to the start of my week and I think that’s awesome.

If you can, I would recommend giving it a shot for sure.



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