Roche Limit #1 (Image Comics, 2014)

roche-limit-01-cvrSTORY : Michael Moreci

ART : Vic Malhotra (art), Jordan Boyd (colours) and Ryan Ferrier (letters)

A taut, fast-paced scifi thriller that is well worth checking out.


I never knew Michael Moreci, coming across him only when I backed the Kickstarter he did for mini-comics with the brothers Seeley (Steve is co-creator of this series as well) and since then I’ve followed him and found his work to be consistently enjoyable.

By far the most serious and intense of them is Roche Limit and the quietly brutal opening sequence has a cinematic quality to it that just stays with you and props to the art team for that!

It all takes place on a space station started by a billionaire philanthropist (think: realistic Tony Stark-ish guy) who as a humanist and idealist, wanted to give humanity a chance to grow and do so beyond Earth. So, the station was built and near it is an unknown and undefinable energy anomaly. The station itself is no longer a beacon of hope, it’s as bad if not worse than anywhere else and there are dark machinations going on – power plays, gang violence, designer drugs and missing women.

It all comes together to give us a nicely crafted adventure and mystery with just enough science and futuristic concepts mixed into the basic running, gunning and intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat. Coupled with a nice art style that just pops to life under the excellent colours by Jordan Boyd, all in all I quite enjoyed this latest entry into Image’s lineup of comics.



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