Control #1 (2014)

control-1cvrSTORY : Dave Crispino

ART : Matt Heuston (art), Kaitlin Reid (colours)

Another shining example of a new era in comics, this book is a Kickstarter-based project from the creators, Dave Crispino and Matt Heuston. It helps tremendously that they got Riley Rossmo to make this wickedly cool cover for them, makes you want to pick it up.


Filled from the first page to the last with what appears to be just the tip of the proverbial ice-berg, the story follows the insanely surreal journey of what seems to be our “hero”, a bald man named John who is either in the middle of something unexplainable or maybe just simply insane. We get to follow his frantic journey as he flies, falls, crashes and seems to be literally all over the place – making you wonder what is real and what is not in just a couple of pages. In the last couple of pages we get a slightly cliched-seeming reveal but the exchange between the characters we now meet helps add a reality and gravitas to what we are seeing – even though it’s all still pretty unclear!

That said, I am VERY interested in the next issue because there are little details and threads dropped throughout the little explanation given in this issue that create tension and a curiosity that needs to be fed! I hope the remaining four issues (it’s a mini-series as I understand it) can live up to the hype but it’s definitely that rare brilliant start and a potentially new take on something familiar.

What puts this over the top into excellent territory is the art – between Heuston’s art and his and Kaitlin Reid‘s colouring, we have a great looking book here, more so because unlike most comics with heavily surreal and mind-warp imagery, this one is minimalistic but what is shown is quite lovely and suitable shocking as the moment requires. I hold as much hope for the art as I do for the story.


For now, I’ve seen it only on Comixology but I hope the print edition becomes more widely available if they do well digitally because this is a talented crew of creators.



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