Dealing with a Douche-bag Genie!

Ever since I first heard about genies from the classic stories (and of course later from cartoons like Disneys Aladdin and so many more!), the single biggest thing concerning Genie’s that befuddled my childhood was this:

“What do I wish for?”

After that, once I read more tales as a grew up and saw more adult versions and the like, I realised that Genie’s can be real arse-holes! What with the twisting of intent and word-play with the wish-granting and all that. But at last, thanks to cartoonist and artist Geoph Essex (aka ‘Semper Bufo‘) and the good folks over at io9, I finally have my answers!! I now fear no Genie and neither should you!

MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!! (oh yeah, click the pic to enlarge in case you need bigger font to read!)


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