Deadpools Art of War #2 (Marvel Comics, 2014)

deadpools-art-of-war-02cvrSTORY : Peter David

ART : Scott Koblish (art), Val Staples (colour) and VC’s Joe Sabino (letters)

This comic is the most unlikely comic to have happened, the comic I never thought I’d see – Peter David, writer extraordinaire, bringing us a story starring the much criticised and oft over-exposed Merc-with-a-mouth.

But it’s here, it’s real and it’s actually damned good!


This story started off in issue #1 with expected Deadpool insane concepts – in this case Wade went back in time for some reason, killed Sun Tzu, stole an original copy of The Art Of War, but failed to make any money from that so decided he needed to put it to better use and create a guide to survive the end-of-the-world-level War. The ultimate guide. Except then what? So, he does what anyone (?) would do in that position, decides to make that war happen. How? By finding Loki obviously! And not the modern, cool Loki: Old-school, bad-ass, Thor-hating Loki!

Thanks to Deadpool’s advice, we now have Loki having defeated (finally!!!) all of Asgard, Thor in chains and all is good. Except Deapool’s plans need Loki to spread the hate, so he advises him to go clean out Midgard (Earth) and bring the pain – for his troubles, Loki… well he does what he does. That leaves our “hero” no better off than Thor.

Truly, this book is both insane and brilliant and the jokes are just excellent. Davids’ version of Deadpool humour, enhanced by a little more cleverness in the gags from what we are used to and a story-line that is just extremely good fun are making this a real sleeper favourite of mine just two issues in – and I know it’s a mini-series but I hope not too mini!

What really enhances it all is the art team of Koblish and Staples coming over from the regular Deadpool ongoing who are already familiar with the book, the character and the representation of the funny. Throw in a colouring and art style that brings in an almost Kirby-esque flavour and feel to it and you have one utterly entertaining read coming your way.


Unless you are a Deadpool-hater, you should definitely pick this up out of ALL the ‘pool-books out there. Actually, even if you hate him, this is the one to give a shot, just because.



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