It’s World Book Day! Bibliophiles REJOICE!

tumblr_m6nmlmdgtZ1r5akqdo1_500At last, a holiday (kind of… I still gotta go to work…) that I can conceptually get behind!

Definitely one of the smartest dudes to ever live.
Definitely one of the smartest dudes to ever live.

A day that celebrates books and reading – the love of stories, of learning, of a desire to expand your mind and let your imagination do the thing that truly makes humans special and greater than the other animals: run wild and create anything and everything imaginable!

As far as I can tell, today is World Book Day as declared by the founders (i.e., it’s a charity started by UNESCO) but only in the UK and Ireland. Which is bollocks that there can’t be a single day for such an amazing and in its own way cornerstone-of-humanity concept like books and reading.

someecardsreadng-300x210So, I’m electing to celebrate every World Book Day I come across because I’d rather celebrate them than most of the other nonsense holidays and such that are just force of habit.

For your amusement, here’s a link to a site that has costume ideas for you for World Book Day – of course these are just ideas and you should feel free to embrace the crazy and make your own because “why the farkwad not!”c60dcf6a0cfc69f5e47aace778bf4f1a

“What to wear on World Book Day”

… I have to admit, I never knew Gangsta Granny before and that made me actually laugh out loud! (…see modern generation? It takes so little effort to actually type that out instead of “lol”)


For my part, I’m sadly not costuming today, but I’m thinking of a new book-related post to add to my other posts on books good and bad. I’m also linking back to two of my pieces on books that have been influences in my life

1) Confessions of a Bibliophile

2) Four Reads That Changed My Life.

And of course, there’s the clickable link on the menu above which has a bunch of book reviews – if you are looking for options on books to check out, feel free to browse!

Also, I plan to start a new book today, something fun (or at least I hope so!) and spend the evening nestled into my reading corner, beverage nearby and enjoy!

What about you?

Another truly great philosopher!



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