The Great Sorting… has begun!

So… I’ve been an unabashed fan of reading pretty much everything since I was a kid.

From error-filled readings of newspaper articles which I didn’t even remotely understand that made my parents chuckle no end, to hilarious mispronunciations of words from silly Archie Comics (I remember my family having a huge laugh at me pronouncing “detention” as “detonation”) and from there to more serious prose and on and on and on… I’ve read as much variety as I can get my hands on and like all things, the things I most enjoy reading have evolved until I have found niches that I am most drawn to regardless of my curiosity to try out new things.

One such niche has always been comics. Some part of the prose+visual combination really spoke to me and I suppose as someone who was always fond of both writing and drawing, it was particularly fascinating. The end result is that I unintentionally collected comics for a long time – most of it ending up in couple of boxes for years, until I got more heavily back into comics around the mid-2000’s after a lull in the late 90’s when comics in general were honestly, not very good. It was a shaky time for comics and while there was some good but a lot of really TERRIBLE stuff out there.

But I digress.

The purpose of all that and this post was to explain what comes next: I recently decided that between my reeeeeally old stuff and the recent few years of purchases, I have a lot of comics. Not as insane a collection as some I’ve seen, but a respectable lot – and I was keeping it pretty damn badly! Sure, the collected and bound trade-paperback editions and Graphic Novels were easily stored on shelves, but the many singles I had were languishing.

SO, I decided to set aside a weekend and slowly sort through what I had and finally use the mylar sleeves I had bought some time back and put away my collection (especially the really old stuff!) so that it would not suffer any further damage than it already might have suffered.

This is about… 75% of the lot. I did the rest later, this much was bad enough! 😀

This first image is of the first stages of the great sort-ening… breaking up into publishers and basic sorting.

Image Comics' primary pile!
Image Comics’ primary pile!
Le Cabinet!
Le Cabinet!

Thereafter would come by individual series, but as you can imagine, these first two stages had seemed a LOT easier before I actually opened all the boxes and saw how many I had accumulated over time.

Once all the basics were done with, the next stage was where to put them?

To that end I had been smart and went and bought myself this handy-dandy filing cabinet! It was the perfect size to fit 2 rows of comics per drawer, was solid metal and able to take a lot of weight and was designed to take a lot of files and paper-weight.

“I’m a reasonable guy. But, I’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things.” – Jack Burton

So I proceeded to put a few choice Hard-Bound editions and some other stuff on top to give it something vaguely decorative. One of the items that’s gonna likely go up there is this hilariously awesome little Pop! figure I bought for dirt cheap of the one and only Jack Burton! … if you don’t know who that is, then you have missed something, ol’ Jack and the Pork-Chop Express are rightfully the stuff of brilliantly entertaining legend.

20150513_101401Next up came THE FILING!

Drawer by drawer I started to put a simple post-it label and file away the comics alphabetically…

Valiant For The WIn!!
Valiant For The WIn!!

And before I knew (and after I felt like I was too tired to even move – this shit is heavy to be carrying around and mylar bags are fucking slippery FYI!), I was almost done! Everything was nicely and neatly put away. Barring these few below, that I set aside in the lowest drawer because I ran out of sleeves, all was sorted and stored and my entire collection of singles was safely stored away all in one easily accessible place.

To misquote the Bible, “He saw all that he had done, and it was very good.”

urlALSO! I’m so kicked because I recently lucked out and got these which I do not know how they were for sale and so damn cheap!


Well, on that happy note, I’m gonna take your leave folks, see you all soon!


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