West Papua: Another example of a larger failing.

I’ve been reading bits and piece about this for some time and once again, it’s simultaneously remarkable that such actions exist even in todays more connected and enlightened world and that both the media and average people who have the world at their fingertips are either ignorant of it, in denial of it or just don’t care – people blame apathy caused by “desensitization” for “today’s generation” but screw all you superior twits, people have always been apathetic and self-absorbed and living in denial until it’s personally biting them in the arse. It’s why we had racism, segregation, caste-ism, sexism and every other kind of bigotry that STILL persist to this day, regardless of how many people are willing to stand up for doing good – because there will be ten times that many people shouting for you to shut up or to fuck off and not bother them right now.

Read on and don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty, don’t feel pity. Feel anger, feel horror, feel shame at the state of our humanity and try and change your own approach – we may not all be able to get out there and fix the world, but every single person counts. If you can just be more vocal about your beliefs, stand up to the apathetic souls and not be cowed and not be silenced, that alone makes a difference. And if you feel you can be more proactive – more power to you…

11206035_863526627048231_3547687925994821128_nFar away from the attention of the mainstream media, the Indonesian army is slaughtering the native population of West Papua, while making the way for western, Asian and Australian logging companies who are rapidly destroying the second largest rain-forest in the world. Since 1969 when West Papua was unrightfully annexed by Indonesia 500,000 Papuans have killed and many others raped, tortured and dislocated. Most people are unaware that this is happening, so we have to take the responsibility of the media and raise awareness about this disaster.

Papua, the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea, belongs to the lungs of this world as it contains 31,5 million acres of tropical rain forest.

11150368_863526727048221_4341882907769082386_nIf the trees were to be cut, it would mean a threat to the livelihood and culture of many Papuan tribes. Deforestation means the destruction of their medicinal and food resources, expelling their ancestors and committing a heinous crime against nature. Deforestation will lead to suffering, disaster and chaos for the Papuans The forests form a part of their heritage.

In West Papua, Indonesia makes no pretense of negotiating with traditional landowners; they are thrown off the land, destined to 11114148_863526667048227_3584602014606832260_nbecome refugees or to be shot or forced into slave labor for the Indonesians. Canadian and Australian logging companies have joined the Malaysians and the Japanese in the race to destroy New Guinea’s tropical forests. Concurrent with Australia token gesture of giving the rock star Sting US $205,000 to support the protection of Brazilian rain forests, an Australian company announced plans to log a massive area of pristine rain forest in the Mamberamo River area – 600,000 hectares – in partnership with an Indonesian company (Sun Herald 5/28/89). Refugees from this area are exiled in Papua New Guinea camps along with people from every region of West Papua.

10291070_863526700381557_8622071717346957874_nA report from Channel 4 News in the UK shows the degrading level of brutality that the Papuan people are exposed to on a daily basis under Indonesian colonial rule.

Foreign journalists are banned from West Papua – the Indonesian Government are desperate to hide the genocide from the outside world. Even NGO groups like Red Cross and Peace Brigades have been expelled in recent times. This disturbing footage was shot on mobile phones by Indonesian soldiers as ‘trophy footage’ for them to show their families.

In West Papua there is no peace, no justice. There is only killing, rape, torture, intimidation, bloodshed, oppression, village burnings, racism and eternal suffering for those living under Indonesia’s colonial occupation. “Least we forget the innocent that have fallen in the name of freedom”

The following information/articles is all easily available. How much about it did you know? How much did people around you know? Things like this should not be secret, they are important, we need to preserve the humanity and human dignity of all people and remember that pretending these things are not happening is a terrible price to pay for what it does to ones heart and soul…

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  1. andrew767 says:

    Indonesia has been killing people and occupying West Papua since May 1963, in Sept 1963 it declared West Papua was a quarantine territory; there was total silence for two years but here is one of the first statements Indonesia said about the territory in 1965 http://wpik.org/Src/SMH/19650830_SMH_3.png

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