Our 50th post: A nostalgia filled trip down memory lane

A lovingly nostalgic look-back by a bunch of comic-loving goofs like myself on one comic that was a big part of why we love the comic medium the way we do!

I chose to talk about an issue of the 80’s G.I.Joe comic from Marvel and there’s plenty more hidden gems in here for you to check out and discover! (or re-discover?)

What comics do you remember most fondly and vividly?

My ORIGINAL POST was about the four comics that changed the way I looked at comics and at story-telling in general. Feel free to check it out too!

Cheers all!

Hello Revuers, I’m proud to announce that this is our 50th post on Deja.Revue! When I started this site with my roommate back in November of 2014 I couldn’t have anticipated the great response and support from viewers like you. Thanks to die hard comics fan like us, we have grown exponentially over the course of ten months. I could ramble on and on with statistics and numbers and blah blah blah…….but I’d rather just bring you the high quality original content you’ve come to expect from us. Since I’m feeling reminiscent I’ve asked our writers and our guest reviewers to write about their most nostalgic issue or series from their childhood. I’m happy to report that this article turned out to be one of my favorite and I hope its yours too. As usual all names are clickable and you should check out our guest bloggers sites. They are…

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