Rave of the Butterflies!

While today is indeed just another Monday, nothing special about it, I just felt like being more motivated (than usual) which for me is a tricky term given that I go through peaks and valleys of how much I work and so “usual” is hard to define.

BUT, my gibberish aside, basically I’ve been doing stuff the last day or two that were pending – INCLUDING this post, which is just me sharing something lovely on a Monday and if it lightens a few moods, all the better!

Basically, the city that I reside in (New Delhi, India) is one of the most polluted cities on Earth right now (sadly) and our summers are no joking matter. Or talking. Or Eating. Or walking. Or living.

Hyperbolic, yes, but you get the idea – it’s damn hot!

So imagine my surprise when one evening I’m walking up toward my house and past a green bit where there are nice tall bushes and creepers and a row of cactii and sunflowers in full bloom – all under the scorching skies I’ve been under the past few months. And lo and behold! They are festooned with a whole lot of butterflies happily flitting along! Just a few metres away from a noisy, exhaust covered heavily trafficked road, there were these minutes where I just stood back and watched this simple moment, took a few pictures and even the video below and felt a brief bit of calm and peace.

Ain’t life amusing? You never know what thing big-or-small that can drag you down or lift you up at the most unexpected of moments. I hope you get at least a smile out of all of this if nothing else. See you back here soon as I’ll be posting up a new short story just a little later today itself – so much work!


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