Succor Punch (Short Story)

TypewriterBAnother random little burst of fiction for you folks! This one’s a standalone story about a fist-fight and a potentially cunning plan!

Who knows, if you guys like it enough, I might do a follow up so make your thoughts known in the comments!

A thunderous right hand sent me teetering backward. I could feel a tiny trickle of blood drip from the gash where the punch had landed at my left cheek-bone, accompanied by the burn and throb around that break in the skin that was par for the course when taking a hit. Could have been much worse, probably would have been if the It standing before me had been trying harder.

Get in my way again and you’ll get much more of that, pinkling pest!” It bellowed in that strange voice that its species had as it turned back to the cronies tittering behind it and started to walk away with the crates of Neuts. I could never get used to the echo-chamber like sound of their voices, so eerie! The fact that they were all gender-neutral, well that just made it odder when dealing with them.

I spit on my hand and wiped over the tiny wound, shaking my whole body like a dog, loosening up for what was bound to come next.

Where do you think you’re going, you big yellow chunk-a-barf! I’m not done with you yet!” I barked, putting as much venom and sarcasm into the tone as possible.

I needed the big lug good and angry. Kraklians are not the smartest species around but they aren’t stupid either – that they are extremely resilient physically and stronger than most tends to make it easy to intimidate others, more so in a place like this bounty-pen. It and it’s native parasite-species (the Gliks) cohorts had been hoarding the Neuts thrown down here and everyone was suffering for it – if I wanted to get some more, I needed to fight for it and a fair fight would probably end in me being about as solid as the Neut in those crates.

Just so you don’t miss anything, bounty-pens’re basically mobile prison camps that the Bounty Hunters Guild use to keep their marks while they travel around, picking up and dropping off bounties as they circulate amongst the stars. I used to be one of those low-lifes, until my ego got the better of me and I tried to sneak a march on a senior hunters mark and before I knew it, here I was and nowhere is where I’m going, fast.

Last warning pinkling! I’m not in the mood for heroes or tough guys today – get on my nerves and I’ll beat you to a pulp and then eat you just because I can!” it said, irises of all three eyes narrowing, it was getting pissed. Good.

First of all, I’m brown, not pink- unlike you yellow bastards, we come in different flavours and mine just happens to be a tasty mocha.” I could see a tiny bristle run through its mane so I went on harder, “Second of all, I could not only whoop your bright orange back-side, but once I’m done, I might just take make you a saddle and ride you around this place to show my badassdom!”

There was nothing that riled up a Krak like being compared to pack-animals, they had fought long and hard to come out from under the more powerful species’ and were proud of being free from their slavery-filled past. I didn’t like taking that shot, but I needed the rational side of it to be clouded by anger if I was going to pull this off.

And it worked.

My entire body was coiled to react on a hair-trigger. Scant seconds passed before its mane quivered violently, it lowered its head and with a roar to make the best men shake in their boots, charged at me. I had little to no chance in this fight, but I had a few aces up my sleeve too.

For starters, between overconfidence and anger, it was just charging me wildly with arms wide and head aimed for my mid-section. I waited for just the right moment and with a mild push from my feet, launched up in the air and swinging my whole body forward and rotating around my middle, brought both fists down on its head like a pile-driver, the blow reverberating down my whole body and as I finished my mid-air flip, the Kraklians head was forced right down to the dirt and his entire body followed suit, leaving a trench to show it’s slide.

Not bad for a pinkling, dontcha think?” I said out loud, cockily look at the rest of the gang. They probably wouldn’t interfere but a little extra intimidation doesn’t hurt anyone.

Grrmm… cugssggrrr…” It grumbled, shaking disorientation from the inside of Its head.

There was no way I was going to take this thing in a fair fight and in a place like this, fights only stay so fair for so long – with that in mind, I waited just out of it’s swing zone and was rewarded by a wild, blind swing that just breezed past me before I lunged forward and kicked straight up into its abdomen and sent it wheezing down to one knee again as its diaphragm tried to recover from the blow.

Not so tough now are you?”, I taunted for added effect, “All I said was that it would be nice to share and give some of these other people food so that they don’t all starve to death. Bad enough we’re stuck here like this.”

I could see it was just about to start getting up again, my kick hadn’t been too damaging so that was a relief. I’d need this big tough dumb-ass if my plan was going to have a better chance of working.

Oh don’t get up! I just wanted you to meet a couple of friends of mine – this is Day Break!” I said as I swung a left cross and caught him right at the jaw. I felt my hand scream in protest from the force of the impact but didn’t let show the pain I’d just caused myself.

And this is Night Fall!” I shouted as I hit him square with the hardest upper-cut I’ve ever delivered. I could feel the shock travel up my entire arm, shoulder and torso as the big lummox reared back from the impact and unceremoniously hit the ground with a resounding ‘thud!’.

Breathing hard and adrenalin pumping, I shook my head a little to calm my own body down. I also had to resist the urge to check on my hands which throbbed with a pain I was not used to – the only reason my hands weren’t a mangled mess after the impacts I just put them through was because I had been raised on a world with heavier gravity than 1G and so I was one of the few humans in the galaxy this strong and resilient.

Turning, I headed for the Gliks hanging back and immediately they backed away from me. While I opened the crates, I gestured to a couple of the other prisoners who I’d spoken with before and told them to take it all and see that it was distributed fairly amongst the inmates.

If ANYONE tries to be a smart-ass, take more than their share or do anything of the like to annoy me, just look right now at this poor fellow in the dirt being carried off by his friends and think about what I’ll do to you! Be good, treat each other fairly and we’ll all get along just fine – we’re all in the same dung-heap here.”

I’d need as many of these sad-sacks as possible to work together if I was going to get them to help me break out and take control of this bounty-pen and get to freedom – I’d have to play the part of good and fair guy to convince them though. Once we were out though, it was going to be every man for himself. Finally finding what I’d been hoping for, I found a bottle of Rigelline wine amongst the rest and fished it out – it was pretty foul stuff, but I’d spent enough time with the dregs and on the fringe that I’d developed a taste. Besides which, it’s not like there was a bar full of options in front of me right now.

I was pretty confident everyone would leave me alone for tonight, after that little show I’d be surprised if anyone tried anything – so for tonight I’d get some peace. Tomorrow I could start playing at goody-goody, right now I was off to “wined back the clock”.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    Gritty street fighting + alien sci fi = love.

    1. A-Ku says:

      Always love Stephanie comments! 🙂

    1. Aku says:

      Why thank you! 🙂

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