CSI: Pokemon GO?

Well so I read a few of these article in quick succession today and the thought that immediately jumped across my mind was:

Damn! Pokemon is not only helping save lives but also helping police clear out old cases!

Check it out:

Pokemon GO player discovers body

Woman discovers body while playing ‘Pokémon Go’

Pokemon Go players help save man overdosing

On the other hand you have stuff like this which makes me remember the Darwin Awards and all the people that talk about crazes like Pokemon showing how we’ve gotten stupider…

Oregon Man Stabbed While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ Continues Game

Driver playing ‘Pokemon Go’ crashes into police car (youtube clip)

And yet on the third hand there was stuff like this that came up in the process as well:

Pokémon Go is reportedly helping people with their depression

So I guess there’s multiple sides to it all – like every craze. They help us identify the crazies and lead to things good and bad, but at the end of the day, the world keeps on turning.

Will Pokemon Go end up fading away? Will it spawn a new generation/sub-genre of mobile game? Will it genuinely make people stupider? Or will it continue to be a force for people to get out and about more than they did otherwise?

Only time will tell I guess – if you have an opinion, drop it here or on social media where this will be shared of course.


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