All The Licensed Comics!

Comics are booming in popularity, variety and just generally being fantastic these days – and on the international scale it’s never been bigger and closer to mainstream than it is right now. One element of that which doesn’t get covered a lot by itself is the licensed properties, i.e, comics about things that weren’t originally comics but now have comic versions of themselves – this has included movies, TV shows, cartoons and even musicians (like KISS and Slayer) and TV wrestling that have been adapted to the comic page.
Why? It’s simple: Comics have no budget restrictions and are faster. You can build a universe, blow up planets, slaughter a city full of zombies, have a global event, recreate performers and actors the way they used to be and so much more in a fraction of the money it would take to make it in live-action or animation. This is something that in recent years many of us have embraced because it gives us more of things we love that could not survive in other mediums OR allowed for continuation of things we love that had to end like TV shows. So today, I’m taking a brief run through the many (many, many, many) comics I’ve sampled in the past two years of comics based on licensed properties for the good folks at Comic Con India – SO, if you’re interested, CLICK THROUGH HERE and read on as I blurb-review as many comics in one post as humanly possible!

For a sampling of the titles being reviewed, here’s some images I compiled of the comics covers:

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