X-O Manowar Vol. 10: Exodus [REVIEW]

X-O Manowar Vol. 10: Exodus (Valiant Comics)

STORY : Robert Vendetti

ART : Rafa Sandoval

Talk about ending a long series with a bang!

Started out as just another superhero comic but turned into fantastic inter-galactic sci-fi in no time and since then has been a great balance between the human element of its star-lost and earth-born characters and the larger science, space and action heavy stuff.

This volume in particular I’m very happy about and is a big part of why I’d recommend this series to everyone because though it had it’s ups and downs, there are so many amazing elements that are all front and centre with this volume: the humans of Earth, Aric’s former alien slaves, the Vine, the Vines plantings, the costs of war, what it means to lead and to be a leader, the burdens and risks of power and what it means to choose and not just be driven by circumstance – all of this under a glossy layer of gigantic battles, high stakes adventure and high-octane narrative pacing that is rendered fantastically by the creative team.

A moment of crisis for our hero.


It’s rare for me to give something a perfect score and I never thought I’d be giving it to X-O Manowar back when the series first started – in fact I read 2 issues and avoided it. But then I gave it a second chance and not only has it been great but this finale was something that the people behind it should be well and truly proud of having created.

It made me want so much more and now I look forward to the all-new X-O series that will be picking up the pieces after this spectacular and explosive finale.

STORY SCORE: 10 / 10

ART SCORE: 10 / 10


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