Losing My Marbles: Meta Desi Comics News!

So quick post because I feel like putting this out there somewhere:

I think I’m going to go banana’s by the end of this week.

Me… right now…

Comic Con Delhi is coming up this Friday and I’ve got 3 new comics releasing under our creator owned Meta Desi Comics banner – and to top it all off, we’re still at the tail end of production with these past 2 weeks being particularly hectic:

  1. Bangalore Comic Con just got over less than 10 days ago so there’s been very little time between events.
  2. HOLY HELL #4 IS COMING!!! –  Abhijeet (Kini), artist extraordinaire who is the man who brings our insane Holy Hell scripts to life was busy between his better-paying regular assignments, the launch of his own creator owned book and producing the artwork for Holy Hell #4 – resulting in us taking on Ahmed (who did a 2 part comic for our anthology last year) to do 1/3rd of the pages, I did another 3rd and Kini would take up the remainder as best he could in time remaining to us. Thankfully we managed and the comic pages are done as of… today.
  3. Holy Hell #4 needed a cover, Abhijeet was already busy enough and I couldn’t pin down who else I could bring in given time and money constraints, I elected to do the cover myself – which I started on this past Friday evening as a doodle, drew all day and all night between other things on Saturday and Sunday morning, it was done (phew!)
  4. BUT WAIT! There’s more!
  5. RETROGRADE RELAUNCHES WITH WRAP-AROUND COVER –  Anurag Chandra who came on with us last year to do a one-off installment of The Last Baqani and has done some single image pieces for me, was kind enough to make time and do a cover for the re-release under Meta Desi of the comic Retrograde. YUP! The comic I did first, waaaay back in 2012 that people liked enough that I’ve had them come and ask me about it since then till pretty recently, well I got the rights back and it’s being relaunched and FINALLY it will be continued with a new installment in 2018. The wraparound cover he has made for it is really gorgeous I think, I want to make it a poster…
  6. Sadly we had a lot of work cut out as the last couple of months I was chasing around and between the publisher and the original artist of the series (who may not be returning for the future volumes), managed to get the original pencilled artwork and the final pages. BUT – and there always is one with me I suppose, I can be a butthead – I had never been fond of the overly textured and heavily gritty and shadowy effect + the choice of lettering that the original publishing had used on the artwork so the question was… now what? THE SOLUTION: lacking someone who had the time to help in the time I had, I’ve spent the last week relatively sleepless as I re-inked the original line-art and was up last night as well doing the lettering for the 40+ pages…
  7. SUPER SOLDIER SQUAD v1 – And as if Meta Desi was not ambitious enough, we are putting out our collected edition of our Indian Original Manga series’s first 3 chapters in a 1st volume collected edition. Which also needs to be printed and ready by Friday morning.
  8. So now we’re down to the wire – almost everything is done and is just awaiting last touches, compiling into printable PDFs and then uploading to the printer so he can start A.S.A.P and have them ready by Thursday night, Friday morning at the latest and we can take 3 brand-spanking new comics to the Delhi Comic Con…

…and I think I need a vacation… or two… or three… and I need to learn to either multi-task better/faster or find a way to plan my life out better… or sell my soul for some money and hire more people to do these things. Wait, no one here wants my soul… dammit… new plan needed…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shalini says:

    Seems good

    1. Aku says:

      Thanks! If you come to the event this weekend, swing by our stall and see if I survived! 😀

  2. shalini says:

    Don’t lose soul or marbles, get a new plan or new people

    1. Aku says:

      Soul’s fine. Marbles, I think I lost most years ago. 😀
      Being that this is a home-grown effort – so no office, no 24/7 team as such, no outside financing and such.
      So it’ll have to just be better planned and with forethought if possible.
      BUT I still love it because writing stories and making these things… it’s my joy in life. It keeps me going and when each one is ready and people try and buy them… it’s all worth it.

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