Akshays Top 10 Comic Covers Of The Week (Jan 31st, 2018)

So I read a lot of comics. Not exactly a secret, but bear with me a moment.

I also write comics ( meant to be a plug!). Why I point that out is that being on the “making” side of comics has added over the last few years, great appreciation in my view to the people who are willing and able to do this for a living, because it’s not the most glamorous nor the most lucrative field to be in – in fact I’m fairly certain that a huge chunk of people who are in comics are (like me) in it for the love.

BUT to the main point: Comics get reviewed a lot and I do that on my blog here a fair bit myself, but what I realised was that comics get reviewed and the focus is usually (these days) on the story/script. Which is fine, but there is a segment of people who think that artists don’t get enough love. For starters, how publishers treat them aside, I don’t think that’s true, just see the lines of people willing to pay to meet and get commissions from artists at conventions and pay them for it online and follow them on sites like deviantart, etc, etc – sure artists don’t have the superstar status of the 90’s hey-dey when writers took a huge backseat, but they’ve definitely come down a peg. I would say they get close to (sort of) an equal amount of love spread amongst the fan-base.

What does oft get overlooked though, is the cover art. A comic cover is like the cover of anything: it is the first impression. It is the thing that may draw you to something new. It may reignite interest in an old favourite. It may confuse you. It may tease what lies within. It may just be a striking image with no major intent that should be on a poster on a wall. It’s a place where artists can run wild and do a lot of creative things and comic covers are a great place for budding artists to get work (so I’ve noticed) before companies give them a shot at full books sometimes.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to try and do a weekly post on my top 10 comic covers of the weeks releases. This will (hopefully!) be done every Thursday or Friday following Wednesday releases.

And so, here’s the first installments of Akshays Top 10 Covers Of The Week! CLICK on any one to see it in more detail, know the artist, my views, etc.

Hope you enjoyed that, leave a like or a comment if all this raised any thoughts in your mind and I’ll see you back here next week.


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