New Comic Covers: A-Ku’s Weekly Favourites (13th June, 2018)

Welcome back fellow comic and art appreciators!!

As before, we start off with the honourable mentions (yes, I spell honour with a “u”!) for this weeks new comics and it’s quite an interesting variety of styles and looks despite being all Big-2 comics except one:

Now, with the honorable mentions out of the way, here’s the covers I ranked #5 – #2 this week (in no particular order), because this week there was ONE that struck me as so cool/badass/something that I actually have a favourite cover of the week which will be right below these four:

And in-your-head drum roll please… The coolest looking cover of the week is…

The Punisher #226

Thanks for stopping by, and as always, leave a thought/comment if you have one.

I appreciate your patronage and readership here on my tiny sub-atomic-sized bit of the internet.



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