Comic Review: Sugar Shock (Dark Horse Comics, 2010)

Sugar Shock


Joss Whedon (writer) and Fábio Moon (Artist)

My rating: 1.5 of 5 stars

There’s not a lot I have to say about this comic to be honest.

In short, it’s a surreal, absurd adventure of the quite Whedon-like variety. It’s got all his usual elements of cheeky, overly clever dialogue, quick pace, a randomly amusing set of intriguing walk-on supporting characters and the basic premise is suitably out-there; except it’s all dialled up to 12 on a dial that should stop at 10.

There’s a quirky band trio of musicians, who also happen to have a sentient robot of their own and there’s strangeness, surreal humour, aliens, arena’s, intergalactic intrigue and even action.
To top it all off, there’s artwork by Fabio Moon who is totally bringing his usual solid skill to the page with lots of fun designs and a nice, dynamic energy from the first page to the last.

That said, it’s nothing to write home about in my book. I’ve been a fan of Whedons work for ages (in varying degrees, but rarely ever disliked any of it) but truthfully I found this to be perhaps too much. It’s got its moments and some clever dialogue, but this seems like an idea that was best to have never been taken any further than this test case because be it the humour, the cleverness, the style – it all feels like it’s just trying too hard.

Not even sure many hardcore Whendon-fans would enjoy this but you never know.

Personally I found it a bit boring and read it through to see if there was more or a point and was actually glad it was over. Whatever points I give it are solely for the artwork and nothing more.

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