DC Rebirth Reviewed: Batman, Superman, Green Arrow

So the much hyped and mixedly anticipated DC: Rebirth has gotten underway.

I don’t know what your background with all this is but here’s mine: I’m a DC fan since I was a kid, long before I was a Marvel fan or read any other comics besides Lee Falks Phantom, Tintin, Asterix and stuff like Amar Chitra Katha. I’ve had my ups and downs but I admit that the last 5 years have steadily seen me go from ardent DC follower to reading less and less and less until I had only 3 or 4 DC comics in my pull-list the past year or so. Continue reading “DC Rebirth Reviewed: Batman, Superman, Green Arrow”

Where Star Wars: TFA messed up

Bstar-wars-force-awakens-official-posterefore anyone gets any ideas, I’m going to start this piece by briefly stating my stand on Star Wars in general and then move onto the meat of the article and thereafter you are free to assume whatever you want: I am a Star Wars fan, I watched all of the original three when I was a kid with my Dad who liked them (though only a little) and read quite a few of the old novels from my school library – it’s a franchise that regardless of anything else was always a fun and iconic thing for me and had many great concepts, the jedi and their lightsabers of course being just one huge example. BUT, I’ve always felt that the franchise as a whole has just as many fantastic entries to it as it does rubbish ones, across mediums. Continue reading “Where Star Wars: TFA messed up”