A Beautiful Idea: Why Explore Space?

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REVIEW: Black Panther #1 (Marvel Comics, 2016)

black-panther-2016-01cvrBlack Panther #1 (Marvel Comics)

STORY : Ta-Nehisi Coates

ART : Brian Stelfreeze (artist), Laura Martin (colours) & VC’s Joe Sabino (letters)

As the mighty Marvel engines roll on, both on-screen and on the page, so too does the effort to diversify – something that has been a recurring issue for years and has been gaining ground more recently. On a personal note, I feel it’s also been a great deal more successfully done and better managed at Marvel than by many of their peers.
One of the most prominent amongst the non-caucasian characters in the MU has been The Black Panther. King, Avenger, Defender and even member of the FF and the superhero Illuminati (of the MU), T’Challa has been a powerful force in this world over the years – but after an intense but rocky few years, we’re back with him once again and here’s hoping it’s a positive step.
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Regarding Indian Comics (Open Letter 2.0)

First of all, I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone out there. My recent Open Letter regarding the state of affairs in the comic industry here in India not only got some lively responses here on the blog, but I also saw it being shared by both fellow creators as well as comic-fans on social media and generate some pretty intense and heated discussion – which by the way, were stunningly calm and interesting to read through.
This last bit is something that we so rarely see in online discussion that I was just a little bit amazed. Kudos to all who were partaking in the debating!

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