The power of a picture to open minds.

I received this video clip on my phone and in a rare instance, really wanted to share it (originally from Huffpost somewhere/when). A photographer named Platon talks about how a photograph he took without even realising some details about what … Continue reading The power of a picture to open minds.

Regarding Indian Comics (Open Letter 2.0)

First of all, I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone out there. My recent Open Letter regarding the state of affairs in the comic industry here in India not only got some lively responses here on the blog, but I also saw it being shared by both fellow creators as well as comic-fans on social media and generate some pretty intense and heated discussion – which by the way, were stunningly calm and interesting to read through.
This last bit is something that we so rarely see in online discussion that I was just a little bit amazed. Kudos to all who were partaking in the debating!

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Tarantino is a Pokemon – A Hateful Eight review (no spoiler)

I just saw this movie yesterday, in a hall that was as expected, sparsely filled – not a hard thing to imagine with a relatively little publicised and nowhere near as popular by word-of-mouth Tarantino movie here in India.

We have our fans of the film-maker but not all that many.

SO! We come now to The Hateful Eight, the latest in a surprisingly not that long line of films by a film-maker that is more divisive than most who have his level of financial success. His eighth to be precise. Continue reading “Tarantino is a Pokemon – A Hateful Eight review (no spoiler)”

An open letter to Indian comic readers.

To all my fellow desi comic readers,
I’ve been pondering for years now and am still unable to answer certain dilemmas as a member of the India-indie-comics-scene and part-time publisher, so I’m putting it all out to you, the readers, and want to see what your reactions and thoughts are on these matters.

Vengeance Amidst The Flame (Short Story)

TypewriterBKill them all!!!”, roared the Sultan, “Not one man, woman or child will leave this place alive without chains on every appendage!”

All around him, his battallion of crack troops ran riot through the humble mountain village. There were screams of terror and anguish as the armed and armoured warriors broke into houses and forcibly pulled people out into the dirt with nary an ounce of humanity in their manner. A few villagers tried to run but realising only too late that the Sultans men had doused the villages perimited fencing with oils that were now ablaze – the wooden fencing built to keep wild animals out of the village was now in a twisted turn, penning in the very people who had built it for their safety. Continue reading “Vengeance Amidst The Flame (Short Story)”

Our 50th post: A nostalgia filled trip down memory lane

Hello Revuers, I’m proud to announce that this is our 50th post on Deja.Revue! When I started this site with my roommate back in November of 2014 I couldn’t have anticipated the great response and support from viewers like you.… Continue reading Our 50th post: A nostalgia filled trip down memory lane