2016 – A Pretty Good Year?

That header, the title above, seems strange to type out and read – saying it and hearing myself say it is even stranger. At this point I have to admit even I’m not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not. … Continue reading 2016 – A Pretty Good Year?

REVIEW: The Illuminati (Marvel, 2015)

illuminati2015-cvrThe Illuminati #1 (MARVEL, 2016)

STORY : Joshua Williamson

ART : Shawn Crystal

There have been other Marvel series bearing this name, This is the recent one where supervillainThe Hood tries to recruit Titania and a bunch of villains to form his own evil Illuminati Continue reading “REVIEW: The Illuminati (Marvel, 2015)”

The power of a picture to open minds.

I received this video clip on my phone and in a rare instance, really wanted to share it (originally from Huffpost somewhere/when). A photographer named Platon talks about how a photograph he took without even realising some details about what … Continue reading The power of a picture to open minds.