New Publication… Secret Woman powers… Crazy artists…

I think I’m going insane… no, not in the “we the jury find…” way, more in the weirdo babbling incoherently but amusing you at parties nonetheless way. Been hectic and mind-fried for the past few weeks as I prep for … Continue reading New Publication… Secret Woman powers… Crazy artists…

My 2nd Book Launch : “Retrograde Volume 2”

The Cover!

So damn good to be home!

After over a week of travelling between Madrid (for a day-job related trade fair) and London (to visit my ever-studious and smarter-than-me baby sister), it’s kind of nice to be back. All the running around the giant exhibition grounds in Madrid was hectic as hell and while we enjoyed ourselves over the few days we had in London – and Birmingham – all that walking everywhere was starting to catch up with my lazy self.

But no rest for the wicked is there?

I’m off in about an hours time to Mumbai for the 2nd annual Mumbai Film & Comics Convention! It’s going to be a blast (I hope!) and not only should it be fun to see a lot of the friends I’ve got there, I GET TO LAUNCH MY BOOK TOO! 🙂

Yup, a year after the first part was quietly launched and received some pretty good feedback (enough so that my publisher is actually still willing to put out more volumes!) I finally get to close off the first chapter of this story of mine that has had a long and arduous journey. Continue reading “My 2nd Book Launch : “Retrograde Volume 2””