Scotland, My 30th and Bill W.

Howdy blog-lings! It’s been a long, long two weeks that I’ve been away from this here blog, longest stretch in a bit and that’s saying something for a serial vanisher like me – though in fairness I’d wager that I’ve been pretty regular here for a while now, though more regular posting certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone! (Oh and for the music lovers here, there’s a great track linked at the end of the post if you want something to listen to whilst you peruse my ramblings!) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? (you might be asking, politely screaming at me…) Well dear … Continue reading Scotland, My 30th and Bill W.

My New Art And First Bestseller(ish)!

[Note: Musical accompaniment for this installment is at the end, click play and read away! – Akshay]

Well, it’s been a good long while but I’m trying to get back on the saddle / behind the pen / over the pages / whatever…

Finally started and finished this new piece, got motivated by the desire to make a starter for my latest story endeavour and hopefully this will be the first of… well not many, but at least a few!

I don’t do near enough art to practice my craft so this is the first finished piece in AGES! (As can be seen from my massive portfolio here at deviantart!)

My attempt at “cover art” for a pulp-serial-style set of stories I’m working on, the first of which is finished and can be viewed by this link and if you like it – let me know. I’ll be working on several down the line.

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My 2nd Book Launch : “Retrograde Volume 2”

The Cover!

So damn good to be home!

After over a week of travelling between Madrid (for a day-job related trade fair) and London (to visit my ever-studious and smarter-than-me baby sister), it’s kind of nice to be back. All the running around the giant exhibition grounds in Madrid was hectic as hell and while we enjoyed ourselves over the few days we had in London – and Birmingham – all that walking everywhere was starting to catch up with my lazy self.

But no rest for the wicked is there?

I’m off in about an hours time to Mumbai for the 2nd annual Mumbai Film & Comics Convention! It’s going to be a blast (I hope!) and not only should it be fun to see a lot of the friends I’ve got there, I GET TO LAUNCH MY BOOK TOO! 🙂

Yup, a year after the first part was quietly launched and received some pretty good feedback (enough so that my publisher is actually still willing to put out more volumes!) I finally get to close off the first chapter of this story of mine that has had a long and arduous journey. Continue reading “My 2nd Book Launch : “Retrograde Volume 2””

Of Hospitals, Highways and the Heavens…

I’ve been feeling tired these days folks – not your garden variety physical tiredness though, nor really “tired of life” or any other old cliche or other. I quite like life and mine is pretty darn good all said and done – I’m quite grateful for a lot of things.

What I refer to is that feeling you have sometimes when something feels missing, when you can’t help but find yourself looking out of more and more windows, when you feel like there are miles to go and something has to give sooner or later. I refer to that dangerous emotion and state of mind that the French in their inimitable style have a word for : ennui. If you are unfamiliar with it, it basically refers to a feeling of listlessness, utter weariness and general discontent.

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Heat, hijinks and X-Ray monkeys

Before I get into today’s post, I just want to give a HUGE thank-you to everyone who reads this blog regularly and has actually stuck around! I found out just a couple of days ago when I got back from my travels that I now have 50 folks following this little mad-house of mine (and I even got this neat little image to add to my site! Sweet!). Thank you all, cheers!

[Authors Note : please bear with my ramblings, this is not a negative/downer post, it just seems like that until I get my act together and get to the bloody point. For those who come here often, thank you!

Home, sweet home…

Nothing quite like the sun-baked…well, everything… of your own home-town right? It’s been nice to be back since the last weekend and enjoy the sultry 40-odd degree-Celsius (104˚F for all you who follow that) temperatures, the gusts of mostly dry and moisture sucking winds and so much more… it’s good to be back!

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