REVIEW: The Flintstones #1 (DC Comics, 2016)

The Flintstones (2016) cvrThe Flintstones #1 (DC Comics)

STORY : Mark Russell

ART : Steve Pugh (interior art) and Chris Chuckry (colours)

One of the latest efforts in the DC Comics company-wide revamp has been to take old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and, well, revamp them for a new age and a new audience. Now the warning sign in these situations usually is that some things were fun because of what they were and changing them too much can make them nothing but hollow reimaginings that might have been better as purely new concepts with new characters instead of pandering to nostalgia – THIS to me is the big “?” when it comes to these new Hanna-Barbera titles. Continue reading “REVIEW: The Flintstones #1 (DC Comics, 2016)”

Why JESSICA JONES isn’t “All that!”

Well I’m going to partly prepare for some hate coming my way for this but I think JESSICA JONES was not as great as people are making it out to be – it’s good, don’t get me wrong, but is it great? Would I watch it again? Am I dying for season 2? No, not really.

David-Tennant-Jessica-Jones2For me, with Marvels original series through Netflix efforts, DareDevil (DD from hereon!) remains the standard to beat, flaws and all. Continue reading “Why JESSICA JONES isn’t “All that!””

New TV Shows 2015 In Review (Part 2)

Aaand we’re back! Thank you for sticking around, I meant to put this out over the weekend but laziness intervened (the villain!)

Time for Round-2 of the reviews for the new series that I’ve seen thus far this past year and the third (and probably final) installment of the reviews will be up here in another couple of days at most. In case you want to check it out, here’s Part 1 of the reviews and now let’s just jump straight onto the reasons all of you are here: Continue reading “New TV Shows 2015 In Review (Part 2)”

New TV Shows 2015 In Review (Part 1)

There has been a deluge of new shows – many hotly anticipated and heavily promoted and a few flying below radar. So I decided to take advantage of that and do some reviewing of what I’ve seen thus far, only to find there were a LOT of them, thus the splitting of the post into multiple installments. So with no to-do and jabber, let’s get to the meat of the first lot of reviews!

Blindspot-Posters-blindspot-tv-series-38747076-461-595Blindspot (Season 1 Ep. 01)

Just to get it out of the way: there’s a lot of draw for this show based on the basic curiosity generated by the premise of a naked Jaimie Alexander, covered in cryptic tattoos showing up in the middle of New York and figuring out what it all means. I admit, the promo’s had me curious as this is the kind of premise that could go really well, or really sadly. Continue reading “New TV Shows 2015 In Review (Part 1)”