A&A #1 (VALIANT COMICS) STORY : Rafer Roberts ART : David Lafuente (pencils), Ryan Winn (inks) and Brian Reber (colours) After a successful first ongoing series and then a double-duo team-up with Quantum & Woody in the miniseries The Delinquents, it’s time for the much anticipated return of Archer and Armstrong – the unbeatable (mostly)…

Archer and Armstrong – The One Percent (Valiant Entertainment, 2014)

STORY: Ray Fawkes ART: Joe Eisma (art), Ulises Arreola (colour) and Dave Sharpe (letters) A rip-roaring, explosive re-invention of the one-percent. New stakes, new faces and murder and mayhem galore are what make up this issue for me and amusingly enough pumped a new lease on life into a beaten group of global villains.