Archer and Armstrong – The One Percent (Valiant Entertainment, 2014)

STORY: Ray Fawkes ART: Joe Eisma (art), Ulises Arreola (colour) and Dave Sharpe (letters) A rip-roaring, explosive re-invention of the one-percent. New stakes, new faces and murder and mayhem galore are what make up this issue for me and amusingly enough pumped a new lease on life into a beaten group of global villains.

Itty Bitty Mask #1 of 4 (Dark Horse Comics, 2014)

STORY : Art Baltazar and Franco ART : Art Baltazar Simple, goofy, fun. That’s in a nut-shell pretty much an apt description of the comics that Art Baltazar has become famous for and all his various versions have garnered a solid readership – more so because they allow for a kid friendly entry to comic…