Published Fiction

Thank you for swinging by this little corner of my blog, it’s where I share with you the few and far-between things I’ve managed to actually publish thus far. I hope you find something to enjoy!

All the books listed below are available over at in Digital format and (we hope) to soon be able to directly ship the Print editions to you.

Ground Zero (Meta Desi Comics, 2013-19)


Conceived in 2011, this is a 100% creator own anthology with no set theme or genre. It collects stories that include Slice-of-life, Fantasy, Dark Humour, Science Fiction, Drama and even a rare attempt at an Indian Manga story.

Each tale is unique and each anthology boasts a variety of creative talent from across India!

The series contains a mix of one-off and episodic stories with hopes of bringing to the reader new and innovative characters and settings using the immense potential that Indian story-telling, history, culture and even mythology allows us to draw from and bring to new life.



Holy Hell: The Series (2013-22)

Do you dare to take a journey into the extreme? How about the absurd?

Welcome to the ComicCon India Award-Winning (we can’t believe it either!) world of “Holy Hell“, where the rules go out the window and sometimes so should the jokes!

Come join in the (un)adventures of our “heroes” Dara and Blue as they come face to face with the imagination-machinations of their creators!

Holy Hell is one of those comics that make you realise how morbid life and times really are and how you can’t do much but laugh along. Akshay and Zafar’s writing and Abhijeets art makes Holy Hell worth reading more than once!”

– Sreejita Biswas (writer, Bangalore Mirror)


Retrograde Vol. 01: After The Storm (2011-12)

“No One Ever Expects An Apocalypse, It Just Happens.”- Unknown 

Enter the world of Retrograde, where a terrible tragedy has returned the world to a Dark Age. 

Now, as humanity faces a new dawn, a small group of survivors in an Indian hill-station struggle to stay alive. Isolated and alone, they face challenges from both outside and within. 

The question isn’t how long they can keep the chaos out, but how much longer can they hold themselves together with no answers, no help and hope fading? 

Read on to find out the answers to all this and more!


Super Soldier Squad v01 (2019)


Manga fans in India have a reason to be excited as they get their very own action-packed original new series!

They were created and trained to be the best of the best, to take face off against the worst that threated their country – but something went wrong on one of their earliest missions and they went A.W.O.L!!

NNow they are on the run, hunted by the Indian Army that they once called family and by their own government – deadly secrets, deceit and action-packed adventures await them as they struggle to fight and survive in the shadows. But what is it they’re looking for and can they know who is truly friend and who is an enemy?

The house of Meta Desi brings this exciting new series to you in all its butt-kicking glory, collecting the first threee chapters in this oversized new volume!


INDIAN-LOVE-600x999Love Me Like a Psycho Robot (Special Indian Edition)

A limited Indian edition with this insanely AWESOME variant cover that artist extraordinairre Stephano Cardoselli crafted.

The story of Love Me Like A Psycho Robot revolves around a robot named “Love” who was created by a group of greedy, corporate fat-cats. These quintessential evil-dudes are trying to root out some tree-hugging hippies from some land that they’re squatting on. All previous attempts have utterly failed and so “Love” is their last chance. So they literally want to kill the hippies with Love. It’s an all-out b***s-to-the-walls action-fest but somewhere under it all it’s got a touch of social commentary, not too much, just enough to not impede the fun!


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