Succor Punch (Short Story)

TypewriterBAnother random little burst of fiction for you folks! This one’s a standalone story about a fist-fight and a potentially cunning plan!

Who knows, if you guys like it enough, I might do a follow up so make your thoughts known in the comments!

A thunderous right hand sent me teetering backward. I could feel a tiny trickle of blood drip from the gash where the punch had landed at my left cheek-bone, accompanied by the burn and throb around that break in the skin that was par for the course when taking a hit. Could have been much worse, probably would have been if the It standing before me had been trying harder. Continue reading “Succor Punch (Short Story)”

Vengeance Amidst The Flame (Short Story)

TypewriterBKill them all!!!”, roared the Sultan, “Not one man, woman or child will leave this place alive without chains on every appendage!”

All around him, his battallion of crack troops ran riot through the humble mountain village. There were screams of terror and anguish as the armed and armoured warriors broke into houses and forcibly pulled people out into the dirt with nary an ounce of humanity in their manner. A few villagers tried to run but realising only too late that the Sultans men had doused the villages perimited fencing with oils that were now ablaze – the wooden fencing built to keep wild animals out of the village was now in a twisted turn, penning in the very people who had built it for their safety. Continue reading “Vengeance Amidst The Flame (Short Story)”