The Simpsons: By Guillermo Del Toro??

Oh man, been a while since I posted, been so amazingly occupied trying to get more writing projects moving and all… damn, it’s hard trying to be a boss and not being a total douche-stain at the same time! No wonder most people suck at it!

Anyway, so far so good, will do a bit of a showcase here on some of the comic stuff for those of you that don’t follow the facebook page for it. It’s cool, I don’t like you any less – I love you guys for being nice enough to drop in here and share in my zaniness. (Does anyone use that word anymore??)

So this one’s a quick one – I’m going to be posting more stuff in the coming days – including that relatively recently promised but much-delayed Travelogue!

In the meantime, watch this masterpiece by one of my favourite film-makers of all time: Guillermo Del Toro as he takes the already legendary The Simpsons opening “couch” sequence and turning it into a visual feats the way only he can – It’s only a mere 2:55 long, but there are so many little jokes, references, clever moments and excellently crafted bits at times literally littering this clip that I wish it was definitely longer!

The references to his own movies like Pans Labyrinth, Blade 2 and the Hellboy series is not even the tip of the iceberg here folks – there’s an avalanche of awesome for movie and pop-culture buffs!

I advise putting it on full-screen and as high a resolution as your net connection can handle and sit back and enjoy!


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  1. uma says:

    LOL funny Simpsons. I adore this animation. Recently, I got to download an app from android and playing in it too….

    Thanks for those lovely comment you left on my blog. Keep in touch 🙂

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