2016 – A Pretty Good Year?

That header, the title above, seems strange to type out and read – saying it and hearing myself say it is even stranger. At this point I have to admit even I’m not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not. … Continue reading 2016 – A Pretty Good Year?

REVIEW: The Illuminati (Marvel, 2015)

illuminati2015-cvrThe Illuminati #1 (MARVEL, 2016)

STORY : Joshua Williamson

ART : Shawn Crystal

There have been other Marvel series bearing this name, This is the recent one where supervillainThe Hood tries to recruit Titania and a bunch of villains to form his own evil Illuminati Continue reading “REVIEW: The Illuminati (Marvel, 2015)”

The power of a picture to open minds.

I received this video clip on my phone and in a rare instance, really wanted to share it (originally from Huffpost somewhere/when). A photographer named Platon talks about how a photograph he took without even realising some details about what … Continue reading The power of a picture to open minds.

REVIEW: The Flintstones #1 (DC Comics, 2016)

The Flintstones (2016) cvrThe Flintstones #1 (DC Comics)

STORY : Mark Russell

ART : Steve Pugh (interior art) and Chris Chuckry (colours)

One of the latest efforts in the DC Comics company-wide revamp has been to take old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and, well, revamp them for a new age and a new audience. Now the warning sign in these situations usually is that some things were fun because of what they were and changing them too much can make them nothing but hollow reimaginings that might have been better as purely new concepts with new characters instead of pandering to nostalgia – THIS to me is the big “?” when it comes to these new Hanna-Barbera titles. Continue reading “REVIEW: The Flintstones #1 (DC Comics, 2016)”

Civil War II #2 (Marvel) – Event Comics. Do you really NEED to read?

Civil War II #2 (Marvel Comics) STORY: Brian Michael Bendis ART: David Marquez (art), Justin Ponsor (colours) SO! We have another big event from one of the Big-2 comic publishers, this one feeling by default like an attempt to get … Continue reading Civil War II #2 (Marvel) – Event Comics. Do you really NEED to read?