2016 – A Pretty Good Year?

That header, the title above, seems strange to type out and read – saying it and hearing myself say it is even stranger. At this point I have to admit even I’m not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not. … Continue reading 2016 – A Pretty Good Year?

The power of a picture to open minds.

I received this video clip on my phone and in a rare instance, really wanted to share it (originally from Huffpost somewhere/when). A photographer named Platon talks about how a photograph he took without even realising some details about what … Continue reading The power of a picture to open minds.

An open letter to Indian comic readers.

To all my fellow desi comic readers,
I’ve been pondering for years now and am still unable to answer certain dilemmas as a member of the India-indie-comics-scene and part-time publisher, so I’m putting it all out to you, the readers, and want to see what your reactions and thoughts are on these matters.