>Brain Drain..

>Hey all,

Well Ive realised something in the last couple of months.
At first I thought it was something that was just me, then just a coincidence and then it took on a shape, a pattern if you will.

I think its a blogger problem that we (bloggers) will all face sooner or later and (depending on the blogger in question) either get through or fall to.

Ive noticed many bloggers who have been going through this ‘blank phase’ as I’m calling it where we seem to lose the ability to write and create like we used to do on a mere moments notice or in the midst of an emotional moment..
I almost like we put in so much for such a long time on these blogs and not just our own, that its been like an emotional faucet for thoughts and ideas and then eventually a floodgate that was open too wide – too long…

My advice to all (as Ive recently told a few fellow bloggers with a similar problem off late) is simply to give it a little time and keep trying – even stupid little posts, anything (like the lame jokes or such that I post when I run dry), and then see if and when you can fully come back to it.

It may not be exactly as it was back when you were a full-tilt, all out blogger – but hey, that’s evolution right?


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  1. Anki says:

    >bells ringingahhh too loud

  2. The Dude says:

    >sorry bout that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. SIM says:

    >Ah! It is the contagious blogger viral. Renders your thinking and writing capacity useless and leaves you wandering aimlessly through fellow bloggers pages, hoping to see a fresh word or two that might just inspire you to pen something down. I am in my initial recovery phase of the affliction. First I did my long overdue therapy session, then I knocked on your door to wish you speedy recovery. Fight the viral ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. The Dude says:

    >too true, its a real pain and frustrating beyond conventional measure! good to hear youre back among us, and thanks for thinkin of my little blog. We shall survive, have no fear. See you around the ‘verse! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. utopia says:

    >it happens. i know another avid blogger unable to churn out posts at the rate at which he use to. sigh! keep trying i am sure thw bloggers blog would pass you by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The Dude says:

    >such is life no? but everyone figures out something sooner or later.. some will leave off blogging, others will keep bouncing and eventually find their inner-blogger again (like me) and return to this place. in its own wierd way it becomes something akin to a culling of the herd in an archaic kinda way doesnt it..

  7. >The thing about inspiration is that it never announces its arrival. Also we're often our worst critics, so keep at it someone will see the angle ๐Ÿ™‚ thanx for ur visit, would be great if you linked the blog & hope to hear your insights often ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. jerry says:

    >hey man, hope all’s good. let me know when you want to catch up and reflect. cheers!

  9. The Dude says:

    >@desert demonssure no problem, will link it now. youre right about inspiration, Ive met writers who say that it comes when you want it to and with hard work. bollocks. show me how many writers worth remembering worked like that? inspiration is one of those intangible and unexplainables of life. one part of the ghost in the machine if you will. @jerryyeah, things r more or less how theyve been for awhile now. no news. will definately make a plan for this weekend bro, for sure.cheers!

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