Hinglish – Humorous losses in translation!


So, I was interviewed recently by IndianComicsFandom and they very kindly gave me a lot of space to talk about things. It was a lot of fun and the fact that it was done in Hindi instead of English was a change of pace for sure!

I’ll admit, that there was some google translate involved and a fair bit of help from the interviewer who helped edit my responses and put a slightly better vocabulary into my answers when I was uncertain – for that Mohit, you have my heartiest thanks!

BUT the really hilarious part was when on a lark, I copy-pasted the whole interview into Google-Translate and the end result is just… words fail to explain it. Starting with my name in the whole article being “renewable” instead of Akshay, the whole thing is just absurd and surreal and I had to share it with you all, so enjoy!


For a long time comics writer-artist-publisher in the world, active in the renewable Dhar March 2016 interview. Good to know that in India, many artists, writers, even after so little encouragement are working consistently well. HIGHLIGHTS Introducing renewable interview. – Mohit Sharma mind

Q – Tell us about yourself?
Renewable – renewable put my name and I am a writer. I like writing more than any other thing. I am the founder of meta-grown comics publishing. Writing and editing for publication of their work, some comics do. How much success in your work, it can tell you guys better.

Q – What is the difference before and now artists and writers have felt?
Renewable – in the case of comics do not have much difference to me, because in India than abroad ever more extensive and competitive culture has comics. Yes, over the years, various artists, writers work is being witnessed. Following earlier writers had even more, the situation gradually painters, is tilted in favor of artists. Events in other countries as well as India’s comic artists than writers are more attractive. Now the stories of comics and art is to find a better balance in check.

Q – Your favorite artist, author and why?
Renewable – because there are my favorite authors and artists from Western publications such as the use, discipline and experience less evident in India. I writers Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, Jim Zum, Jeff Parker, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Gail Simone and Warren Ellis work’ll fondly reads. Artists Geof Darrow and J.H.Williams. However, Adam Hughes, Stjepan Sejic and Darick Robertson Artists such work makes me feel better.

Q – Have you see the future of comics in your country?
Renewable – India is very potential. Art, stories, legends, stories unfathomable as our heritage. Our history has many examples of these arts. So despite prospects of comics with a very negative perception of the average Indian is disappointing. If people like children comics also known to elders and give them a place in literature. Comics instead of denying the story, according to the education of telling literary way, the Indian comics at large will come very soon.

Q – Why is it so difficult to publish independent comics?
Renewable in India – Create and publish independent comics are very difficult, because –
1. “stupid thing” which has an image of comics in the minds of the people, he is the biggest obstacle. The logo should be a little flexible.
2. Unfortunately, the already low in most comic readers Indian comic fans than some new comic characters or 2-3 publications do not like to read. Batman, Nagaraj, Chacha Chaudhary chance to read new publications please Sure.

Q – by far his best work What are the most challenging and why?

Renewable – Ground Zero Antholoji thinking about the last 2 comics feel proud. More than a dozen people who work with a team who’s had no experience about comics. Yet I did not experience the level of publishing these comics like to see made. With every comics reader with our writing, art will improve.

Ratrogred Softspot will always be one in mind. Delhi, India’s first Comic Con pop culture, was published by my acclaimed comic readers. This is a big story, which I want to continue to move, which is being considered. People stop in at our events so far this comic stall, ask about the story.

Q – meta-grown comics tell about the journey so far.
Renewable – meta-grown comics beginning I had to allow those talents, whom I had met during my country comic events. Some of our artists, writers had done to help. Gradually expanded so that it now has Foloing meta sizeable domestic. Ground Zero Comics Series after 3 we now demand of readers made by Abhijeet Kini Holly Hale comic is different. As the native manga webcomic operates on our website. In which we asked for without using words Jataka tales are building style. Recently, together with Cheruiyot Kirui comics comics ICBM launched a new line, in which readers will find some comics in style. This publication is to share our expenses.

Q – What improvements should events such as Comic Con?
Renewable – both things at Comic Con. On the one hand such a big event as many independent publisher, creators get a platform, and by the other merchandise, gift stalls and more companies have decided to dilute the event with a comic. In my opinion, can not find the publications they have enough cells to maintain their business and the need for further events require them to other companies.

To reduce us to the events and needs of comics fans. Buy our comics and tell us what we are doing is right where we are wrong, what the potential is, what character or creator.

Q – comics in the future plans related to share information about it.
Renewable – some of which is not possible in the early stages of projects. Well this year, along with Cheruiyot Kirui Comics 3 Comics plans to publish. The third issue of which will have a Holy solution.

Q – Many readers of lesser known or new publishing comics, novels and books are afraid to buy. What is your message to them?
Renewable – mine is the message that we are not greedy, art-comics and endless imaginary world are doing to their Jnun. As they say, do not fill the stomach just Jnun So we need your support and guidance. It’s not necessarily something that you all are aware it will not be good. New talent a chance please, see some new places to try out with your support ….. maybe the life of many artists to be successful. Thanks a lot!


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