>Remember, remember…

>Remember, remember the fifth of November, The gunpowder, treason and plot, I know of no reason, Why the gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot…

I’m not a big proponent of ceremonial traditions and routines and such, as some of you may know. Traditions are things you should believe in, things that have meaning and are guidelines on how to live a better life and be a better person, a better human being.
But thats all they are – guidelines – not the hard and fast rules that they are made out to be, the non-conformity to which will end in us being damned for eternity or some equal measure of rubbish.
No one knows what we are for sure, why we are here, where we came from and where we will go. Everything we take for granted and assume is based on things people have passed down through the generations, and if theres one things that everyone with a little common sense should know is that history and its lessons are often written by the winners. Nothing is hard fact!

Perhaps this is why I am referred to as a “Cynic”, people have a hard time letting go of the irrelevant little things that we flood our lives with and create this little bubble of security.
This tiny little planet we call home is not the biggest in our own corner, this system, and in the bigger picture, the universe around us – we are less perhaps than a grain of sand in the oceans. This kind of thing, often unconsciously is what scares the living hell out of us all.

But that doesn’t matter. We are what we are, for now this little grain of sand is ours. We should be happy to be here, be left alone to do what we please and be given resources, free-will and the intelligence to make more of it, to (depending on your personal bent) either reach the stars and find other worlds and life or to go out into the heavens and try and find religious/spiritual truth and – dare I say it – God.

Circling back now to the intended point here – This is where we are, we came from the fires of creation, be it god or the big bang, and we are a part of this universe and that is pretty much irrefutable I think. What we are is irrelevant. We are here, this is our world and we have been born and bled and died, committed atrocities and in the same breath undertaken seemingly miraculous acts of unity and love and compassion.
We dont know if there is a heaven or hell or any kind of after life at all.
What if there is nothing? Not all religions can be right can they? Isn’t that what people keep fighting about? What if they’re all wrong and this life is all that you get?

We all need to take a long look at our lives and the world around us and make choices, hard though they may seem. More often than not it is the fundamentalist, the crazies, the ‘believers’ and the greedy and powerful that make noise and are seen – the common folk prefer to be neither seen nor heard, understandably so since who wants to face down a rabid dog if its avoidable?

But there are cold hard realities. Today we have a new president in the White House in the USA. The first black man to ever be elected to – pretty inquestionably – the most powerful office on the planet today. Now picture this: tomorrow he is killed… What do you think that will do? Can you imagine what that will incite? It is a scenario that I have considered often during this election and seeing the world today, it scares the living hell out of me when I think of the most likely outcomes.
The people need to make a stand – the average person who is not a fanatic to a cause must make him/herself heard and be accounted for outside of the curtained voting booths. Change as Obama puts it is needed, but we cant sit back and wait for our leaders to bring it.
THAT is what history is for – not to be taken literally, but to be studied and learnt from so that we dont make the same mistakes over and over again as we are so prone to do.

This my dear readers, is why I refer to Guy Fawkes, be clear and know who and what you are and be prepared to stand up for it. I dont say blow things up – if it means harming innocent civilians who have undertaken no violence against you and held no enmity to you, then to harm them makes you no better then the hate-mongers we live in fear of today.
Take from this story the lesson that even on pain of death and being accused of treason, have no fear and live your life. Be true to yourself. If this life is all we have, then live it to be the best that you can be and if there is an afterlife – well I dont think that any worthy god would damn a soul that lived honestly, honourably and with heart. Do you?

Remember, remember the fifth of November,The gunpowder, treason and plot,I know of no reasonWhy the gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot…

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  1. utopia says:

    >ofcourse i know about Guy Fawkes and how he almost bombed the English parliament right! if i am correct thats why they celebrated Guy Fawkes day in England by bursting crackers. ( i did not wiki or google this information ) ;-).true to myself, well in someways all of us try to be but darn ain’t we bogged down by the expectations of this superficial yet oh so real world! we wouldn’t be where we are if all of us chose to be true to ourselves. i liked the post Dude! 🙂 even if i don’t necessarily endorse ur views.

  2. The Dude says:

    >I understand what you’re saying utopia and do appreciate it.to be honest though, I dont find most people trying to be true to anything except other peoples expectations and social requirements and material needs and such. and its not that you’re wrong – there are many who do try as you say, but the majority in power/control do not and dont even give it a second thought. therein lies the flaw (imho).and no big, you dont have to endorse my views, I like a little dissention and conversation/debate.. its why I write, makes people think!to each his own and all that! 😉 keep droppin by.Cheers..

  3. SUBHADIP says:

    >I just like the blog of yours..its really a piece of a analysing writer. Just carry on commenting on my blog if u can..http://subhadip-writerscolumn.blogspot.com/

  4. Inkpot says:

    >I find it interesting that you talk about Obama being killed in the White House and at the same time mention Guy Fawkes standing up under pain of death and treason. Interesting. Many people believe Guy was a scapegoat for the real people behind the plot. I always feel sorry for him – remembered every year by people burning him on a fire. Not very nice. As for the main message of your post – yes, you should be true to yourself, but very difficult to do, especially as most people don’t actually know who they are.

  5. The Dude says:

    >@subhadipthanks man, glad you like it here and got something out of my posts. I enjoyed yours as well and will be around as often as can be managed. @inkpotyeah, i do tend to go of on tangents and make random leaps of logic/reason/trains of thought. :)I agree with you there, I do feel a little bad about the burning him every year, Ive read a fair bit of the history but much of it still seems to be speculative as to what the final goal was and what might have been. granted what ifs a big fav of mine, but theres only so far I can go without being immersed!youre right that its hard because people dont really know – and partly for that i blame the society we live in that gives you so many options and so much information at a thought, yet there remains societal controls, taboos and any number of things that keep us tied down, fearful and full of self doubt and desirous of ignorance because its easier. but thats the point for me, if you know who and what you are, theres nothing anyone can do to you to change you. You know. It makes you better (though admittedly theres always an exception to every rule and this gives rise to the hitlers and other nuts of the world!)

  6. nishaa says:

    >Reading this article was a learning process,literally..had to google and find out who Guy Fawkes was.About being true to one’s Self…In most cases,the true Self lies half-dead in some hidden corner of the soul while the false Self (suitably tailored to fulfill Soceity’s expectations)reigns supreme.The true Self needs to come out into the open to be truthful to it.

  7. The Dude says:

    >im always happy to give people the chance to learn, my work is then done! :DWell made point nishaa, hope to see you around more.

  8. utopia says:

    >dude i have no idea how to add music to my blog. oh that song i added kya? well my friend did it for me cos i was so zapped.

  9. The Dude says:

    😡 so sad.. oh well, something will come up sooner or later.. till then at least i have that little music player on my side bar for anyone interested in making the extra effort.. better n nothin i suppose!

  10. Yesu says:

    >Guy fawkes very interesting reference and as i have noticed not too many ppl about Mr. Fawkes. Anyways as usual your writing is brilliant cause most importantly it makes you think.As far as being true to oneself is concerned it is a bloody difficult task because in order to do that one should know oneself first which as we know from our short life spans most people dont know themselves and most people will never discover themselves in a lifetime. And hopefully we as the thinking bunch will make a diff one not in the whole guy fawkes manner but definately something similar!!Cheers brother!

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