My First Award!! A Versatile Blogger, AM – I!


Thank you! Thank you so much!! You love me! You really love me!!


umm.. yeah…sorry, little over-excited to be presented with an award for my blog and to be presented one by your peers and fellow bloggers to me means a lot.

Suddenly made me feel like this guy :

(skip to the last 30 secs if you don’t already know to what I refer, but I’d recommend watching it through for a good laugh and some fun – something we could all do with more of, don’t you think?)

For this I’d like to thank AHBlack over at his blog “Andy’s Words and Pictures” – a fellow author (though being published he’s already waaaay ahead of me!) and a very entertaining blogger himself!

Now from what I understand about the rules of this award, I need to now write out a list of seven things about myself and then award this to fifteen fellow bloggers who I follow.

Alrighty then let’s get to it!

  1. I’m city born and techno happy and all that goes with it, but at heart I love the country-side and would love to end up there someday, with a little place of my own. …ah whimsy…
  2. Stories and imagination are my lifeblood. Be it in prose, poem, music, movie, whatever – I need to have stories to take in and stories to tell because otherwise I imagine I’d go quite mad. Seriously.
  3. I love cheese. Period. Except for the really, painfully strong and smelly cheeses which make you swoon I could eat cheese anytime, anywhere! (maybe that means my spirit animal is a mouse?…how can I check?)
  4. Someday I will jump out of a plane. Yes, with a parachute – I’m crazy, not insane.
  5. Been planning on getting a tattoo for the past decade, but the design I want seems to mutate and change far too often (plus it costs a LOT, did you know that?
  6. At times confound myself because I’m among the most laid-back, mellow and liberal persons I’ve personally known (barring perhaps some hippies and uber-spiritual guru-types!) however I have a strong sense of propriety and a certain amount of old-school decorum and decency and such twaddle. Part of me is ever influenced by a desire to be “civilised” – and no that doesn’t necessarily ascribe to one culture but a certain common thread.
  7. I am blessed to possess (so I’ve been told) a good amount of common sense. But I’m going to go on the record here and say that clearly what we call common sense isn’t as common as we proclaim and so I hereby declare that I am possessed of the extraordinary talent of uncommon sense!

How’s that? Hope I got that right and didn’t disturb or piss-off anyone in any of that. ANYWAY! Now to the next leg of our journey, awarding others! To that end I’d like to present this award (in no particular order) to these good folks:

1) The blog run FROM SPACE by an astronaut named Don Petit at Letters to Earth.

2)  over at Honesty, always keeping it real.

3) The ever thought-provoking musings of 400 Days till 40.

4) Tim Coffey at Caffeine for the Creative Soul.

5) Pretty famous fellow writer Stef over at Dodging Commas.

6) Endlessly entertaining and legendary from their first post: the boys at Reasonably Ludicrous.

7) The lovely Laure and her to-die-for recipes at her Buttercream and Chantilly Factory.

8) The always amusing Live, Nerd, Repeat.

9) The awesomely named Love the Bad Guy, she’s a damn good writer of fiction, truly.

10) Excellent and varied reviews by Red over at littleredreviewer.

11) Fellow steam-punk fan and writer Craig Hallam.

12)  Fiesty Red Hair, the energised and versatile writer/mom from Canada.

13) The wildly mixed bag that is Futuristically Yours.

14) The too-smart-for-my-little-mind Neural Outlet that constantly gives something intriguing for me to ponder.

15) The many talented photographers over at Manipal Photo Blog.

Well, there you have it!

Congrats to all those I’ve listed on being great bloggers and deserving of awards and appreciation and a big thanks for all the good stuff you’ve posted up that keeps me coming back!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. TheOthers1 says:

    I don’t know. Jumping out of a plane, parachute or not, still makes you a little insane in my book. Congrats on your award. 🙂

    1. Spider42 says:

      It’s a fine line between the two… hard to discern for more sane folks such as yourself 😉
      And thanks!

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