Palahniuk divulges details of ‘Fight Club’ sequel!

typography-fight-club-movies-quotes-rulesI always wondered if this day would come – the day when Chuck Palahniuk (he of the impossible last name!) would ever do the unthinkable and try to out-do the gleefully magnificent and blood-soaked madness that was his most famous book: Fight Club. That he decided to do it as a comic (NOT a “graphic novel”, grow a pair) was more than shocker to most and to be honest, I love the idea!

Accorinding to the good Robot6 over at CBR:

Four months after he surprised fans by announcing he’s working on a graphic-novel sequel to Fight Club, author Chuck Palahniuk has revealed the first significant plot details

“The sequel will be told from the — at first — submerged perspective of Tyler Durden as he observes the day-to-day tedium of the narrator’s life,” he says in a recent interview with Hustler (via The Cult fan site). “Because 20th Century Fox created the convention of calling the protagonist Jack, I’m calling him Cornelius. He’s living a compromised life with a failing marriage, unsure about his passion for his wife. The typical midlife bullshit. Likewise, Marla is unsatisfied and dreams of accessing the wild man she’d once fallen in love with. She tampers with the small pharmacy of drugs that her husband needs to suppress Tyler, and — go figure — Tyler reemerges to terrorize their lives.”

fight-club_00358554Love it or hate it (I definitely love it!), there’s no denying the impact that this story had – given a whole other level of power and cult status thanks to the movie adaptation by David Fincher in 1999, an at-the-time under-appreciated powerhouse of a movie with arguably Brad Pitt’s finest and most insane performance ever on screen. That it was utterly ultra-raw and also starred Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter in blistering performances that left their mark on the viewer in the midst of this anarchic revolution, well that only made this visceral experience all the more enjoyable for the likes of me. tumblr_lpt58rJoD81r1r16wo1_500

That finale moment of the story included, changed as it was in the movie and all, I have to admit this is for me one of those rarest of the rare cases where I would be hard-pressed to tell you whether I preferred the book or the movie version of the story.

The author said in July that he’s been introduced to editors at DC Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel, envisions the sequel as a series of graphic novels (or perhaps he means issues). But why that format?

“My publisher’s been shipping me to comic-cons, and it seems that my readership overlaps perfectly with the comic-con crowd,” he said in another recent interview. “So I thought, ‘Why not?’ It’s like storyboarding a movie. It’s fun. It won’t be published for a while, and we’ll probably bring it out in installments, rather than book form.”

I don’t know about you but I can see so much potential for a great deal more mischief and mayhem here – especially with this mid-life crisis and the already established characters in the mix. Oh the potential…

Are you as excited as I am?

(via Robot6 at CBR)


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  1. Subroto Baul says:

    Last time it was this whole corporate world – buying power for the sake of filling up your life purpose – and enslaving yourself further to get more buying power(?) – this time its mid life crisis ! Chuck is perhaps the most intelligent writers out there whose ability to express in one page is far more than what a lot of writers can do in 1 whole chapter (sp reference to first 2 pages of lullaby), so when he decides to use the power of sequential art to do the sequel of perhaps one of the best stories written ever- you look forward to it more than your next salary appraisal.

    So so excited.

    However a bit tense of the change in medium – call it what you may (comic / graphic novel – cos i am not a purist). To me the more I take a peep in the world of what a comic writer does (and it is way way way more than simply fill up the text balloons) – it seems more complicated than just pulling out a novel. Cos he has to manage everything – and when I say manage he has not to manage logistics but independent aritsts and their art – which should be coordinated yet independent to get a good comic out.

    I hope a) he gets a good team b) the team understands what he wants and I am sure what he wants is a sequel to fight club which despite being a sequel and having continuation of certain themes is individually a piece good on its own.

    I seriously have my fingers crossed – cos god knows there’s nothing more awful than a classic like Fight Club raped (unintentionally) that too by someone who we hold in such awe being at the helm of things.

  2. great
    i love your blog a lot.

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