Monday Mirth: Trip the Spiderman-meme fantastic!

Mondays come and mondays go and gloom and doom are their forte… but I’ve long avoided letting them get me down, dabbling in humour, silliness and the absurd on this of all days of the week.

The thing is, it definitely seems to work, at least for me. So in an effort to spread the lightness of being and the good humour (because, hey, we can never have enough good humour in the world we all live in!), I’m going to try and be a responsible, regular writer now and post what I want to dub my “Monday Mirth” posts. And yes, I do kind of like alliterations if you were wondering.

Kicking off with some seriously silly, here’s a whole bucket-load of cheap laughs courtesy screen-grabs from the  the groovy Spiderman cartoon stylings of the 60’s, liberally sprinkled with cheekiness and possibly juvenile humour.

Hey, funny is funny and I take my laughs where I can get them hope you enjoy it too! Cheers all!



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  1. Beloved Spidey! This show was actually a real favorite of mine. Though in the post-Nolan Batman world we now live in, its hard to take it seriously!

    1. Spider42 says:

      Hey! You only take things as seriously as you want to I say!
      Life’s too short to stick to just one gear no? 🙂

      1. That’s a great attitude bro. But I don’t many people can appreciate the old stuff. Short attention spans have ruined re-watching of the golden oldies…

      2. Spider42 says:

        Sad but true… I remain however, the fool eternal who thinks some people at least will come around sometime. 🙂

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