Ever Questioning…

Now here I am once again, back to the grind of the daily life with toil and trouble and the everlasting cauldron of my insanity bubbling in the back of my mind…

I had a killer time on my little excursion, no doubt about it but what can I say? It served a dual purpose, much like a double edged blade… It allowed me to be at peace with myself again and then full circle, it made me realise that theres too many things in life that just seem wrong! We’re all driving ourselves to an early retirement and maybe even an early grave these days. Everywhere I look I see the glimmers of hope and joy being overshadowed by the giant rats that race around us and the dark gods of money, power and success looming large.. Yes I know, I sound morose but bear with me, theres an ever so slightly vague point to all this that came up while drinking pitcher after pitcher with an old friend in a little hamlet you might know as Bangalore.

We realised that we are the middle children of history… before anybody says anything, Im not ripping off anyone else.. though the thought might ring similar, yes…

On the one hand you have our parents who are in their 40’s an 50’s who grew up with a much more open minded and free way of thought than the previous generation and the ones in their 30’s who were until a few years back the much popularised “Gen-X”. These folks were far more understanding and open than their predecessors but retained much of their goal oriented and lack of curiosity. Almost there… they saw the world change before their eyes, technologically, theologically and in many other ways but failed to really learn from it.
On the other hand you have the ones who are just into their teens and at the beginning of their real understanding of things who have grown up with the brave new world that arose during my own youth. They cant comprehend the things that came before that we remember as world changing and take it all for granted…
And then you have us in the middle who were at our most impressionable in the midst of all the chaos and were as sponges for all that there was to see.

Today we are known popularly as “Gen-Y” which in its own ironic way is most appropriate, since we as a generation cannot accept anything as it is shown to us and feel the need to question everything in order to understand rather than simply accept and take anothers word for fact. Every so often in history there is a sudden upheaval of the status qou and thats when we jump from stagnation to the next phase of human progress… as luck would have it we were the ones that were in that place at that time…

I think that there is much that needs to be changed and we are the only ones capable of seeing everything clearly enough, understanding all sides and perceptions and teaching the world… this is what i see when i read many of the blogs of people my own age, a simmering feeling that cannot be expressed and an unquenchable urge to put something we cant explain out there.

How else can we explain the sudden gushing torrent of creativity in our generation? The flood of writers, artists and poets who are trying desperately to express themselves and tell the world around them a thing they themselves are struggling to comprehend?

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    >good to have you back man, how was the trip (pun intended!)…

  2. The Dude says:

    >trippy bro… trippy.. like something jackie treehorn put in my drink!cheers…

  3. >Maybe we’re desperate because no one’s listening…. Cheers!

  4. The Dude says:

    >littlegirl, thats maybe the most simple and sensible solution that anyone could have possibly offered to this scenario…in some ways youre probably right.Cheers…

  5. Arvind says:

    >hey dude read ur blog pretty good shit i completely agree with when u say we are driving ourselves to an early grave and since we are then y shouldnt we die happy!!! So cheers and enjoy whatever u do man!! though since am part of this generation i might still ask y?!!

  6. The Dude says:

    >hey arvind,thanks a lot bro, good to have you drop in man… and yes man, feel free to fuckin ask why at every step!cheers..

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