The Drones are Planets?!


Oh for f***s sake!

Why I love photoshop...
Why I love photoshop…

I was just sent this obscure and otherwise missed-without-even being-news article from the BBC network that the good folks of the Indian Army, who are guarding our border with China, actually… well just read this and see for yourself:

Tensions have been high in the disputed Himalayan border area between the two nations in recent years, with India frequently accusing its neighbour of making incursions onto its territory. Things came to a head during a stand-off in April when Chinese troops were accused of erecting a camp on the Indian side of the de facto boundary known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). By that stage, Indian troops had already documented 329 sightings of unidentified objects over a lake in the border region, between last August and February, according to the Calcutta-based Telegraph.

It quotes military sources as saying the objects violated the LAC 155 times. So, the army called the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to identify the objects. “Our task was to determine whether these unidentified objects were celestial or terrestrial,” astronomer Tushar Prabhu told the paper. Only once the objects’ movements were noted in relation to the stars were they identified as planets. The Telegraph suggests the sentry ought to be forgiven, with planets appearing brighter as a result of the different atmosphere at altitude and the increased use of surveillance drones.

Make excuses all you want but a spy plane or drone flying across the sky and a static planet amongst the stars, I’ve seen stars and planets too and this is just stupidly f*****g embarrassing – and they can try and say it’s the sentry, but it wasn’t the same poor sentry for 300 instances running, it surely wasn’t any singular sentry by his lonesome who observed and recorded all those incursions and even thought of calling in any specialist…

And it damned sure wasn’t a single sentry or any sentry in fact who would have had the authority or such to send for the Astronomers who found out the truth… So yeah, simple grunt (or Jawan as we call them here!) on sentry duty who doesn’t know better, I can overlook that pretty fairly but the higher ups, you should know better and in general how damned hard is it to tell the difference between a static stellar object and an Unidentified Flying Object?!?

Wait… oh right, I forget, this is the planet filled with all those poor “probing” victims who see them all the time… And then there’s this image I found while google-image-searching the Indian Army:

New Indian stealth air-assault technology!
(I think I bust a gut for a moment!) 😀

(via BBC)

(cover image of Cap India shamelessly borrowed from Eas2’s blog!)


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