God of Gravity


funny_gravity_cartoon_art_gift-r35775e9918fe4effaa5fc31481acee5f_vgbaq_8byvr_512So… I had a strangely hilarious little exchange with someone over at Google+ (yes, I’m one of those rare animals that actually uses it!) and it made me chuckle aplenty and even made me think of something I’d not really considered before about “gravity”, the think we take so for granted.

…or I could just be more amused than usual because it’s about to be the weekend…

Regardless, it all tickled me enough that I wanted to share here!

Basically I had shared this article about Jupiter (the planet, not the Roman diety or the glacier) getting whacked by an asteroid/meteor/comet/space-junk, including a video, which if you read the article and just think about what you’re looking at it actually pretty cool!

But then something happen that sometimes just happens, because people are people and this is the internet – and we started being smart-asses!

I had written in the post description that:

..couldnt this be what gods wrath really looks like? Just drop big ass space rocks on you!

Taking that as a cue, first someone suggested that it was the gods were pissed and revenging the badness of the movie Jupiter Ascending. (a movie that teeters on the razors edge of so-bad-its-good!)

gravityWell that made me think of all the myriad of dieties we created for everything we could never understand – we actually missed some critical ones. We’ve literally given most everything else a god of its own, but why not a “god of gravity”?

Of course I realise it’s largely because Pagan religions were all but gone by the time the concept of Gravity was really explored in any really meaningful way and even then was too vague for a while – SO I took it upon myself to bring to life a new GOD upon this mortal plane, because if every so-called Holy-Man can do it, then fuck-em, so can I because I probably have about as much divinity in my as they do.

Kneel all ye paltry mortals before the might of the magnificent Pullonya! All-powerful gravitational god!

To which the first response came: “…… The Christian flat earthers are going to shit the bed when the God of gravity shows up!”

Which then made me even more cheeky and I responded:

…then don’t tell them he’s already here, has been forever because wherever there is gravity, Pullonya is there to pull on ya!!
And also don’t tell them that he used to be a she – until she realised she was a goddess in a gods body and got gender-reassignment miracling done!”

And the last I checked in, there was a cheer raised: All hail Pullonya, the transgendered god!

Back with less babble and more substance soon folks!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. matheikal says:

    God is meant for fools whether Christians or Hindus or Muslims or whatever.

    1. Aku says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Matheikal!
      Much appreciated.

      While at one level I agree with you, I do feel that I would not simplify it so much. My problem tends more to be with humanising the unknown and divine and creating these supposedly infallible religious structures that can be misused by human agents as too often happens.
      I do not however have any problem with spirituality and believing in a higher power or great force in the universe – I don’t believe it myself, but I can’t say it is either impossible or untrue and so I hold no ill-will for anyone who does that or think them foolish.
      The people who hold onto religious belief with a death-grip and refuse to accept rational discourse and show respect to a differing belief or impose their own morality on others – THEY are fools undeniably.

      Thanks again for stopping by here! Hope to see you more often! (If you enjoy conversations on this subject, I’m quite fond of them myself and write on it all from time to time).

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