Akshays Top 10 Comic Covers Of The Week (7th Feb, 2018)

Okay, okay – I’m late. BUT I’m trying and determined to not miss a week!

If you were here last week, then welcome back – if not, then welcome to my favourite comic covers of the week. Every week on Wednesday is pretty much new-comic release day and this is my little way of showing love for the artists who every month bring us amazing covers for our comics.

Sure, people say don’t just a book by it’s cover – but there’s a reason we put stuff on there instead of all books looking the same and more so with comics. They could be a glimpse of what’s inside, a feel for the series/story in general, hints or even just something that looks damned cool. Bottom line: they’re still works of art and while writers and interior artists get a lot of love in reviews and awards and from fans, cover art tends to not get the recognition.

So this is my small thanks to them all in a way. Enjoy folks and if you saw a comic this past week that REALLY struck you as awesome, feel free to let me know!

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