DC Rebirth: 1 Year In Review

I’ve recently been asked by the good folks at Comic Con India to continue my collaboration efforts with them to promote the culture of sci-fi, fantasy and of course, comics. They’ve recently launched an effort called The Geekly which is like a free-to-read collective blog which will field (for now anyway) contributions from their founder Jatin Varma, Chariot Comics founder and lead-writer Aniruddho Chakraborty, my writing partner-in-crime Zafar Khurshid (with whom I write Holy Hell) and of course yours truly. It’s a space where comic fans and more specifically this small group of Indian fans express their views on the goings on of pop culture.

The first lot of articles have been going up the last couple of weeks and I wanted to link my first entry here for anyone interested since it’s a topic much debated in comic circles recently:

I was going to do this article first because I realised it had been a year since the momentous DC Rebirth lauched. I also wanted to because as a DC fan from childhood who’s seen the company and the characters I’ve grown up with go through a wildly chaotic period, it was good to see and hear that things were stable, that DC was finding their feet again.

But then I realised that DC has a lot of titles. A lot. How can I possibly review them all? Originally I considered doing it as a series of reviews and doing it in chunks. Too long, too boring, too time-consuming. But what was the alternative?

Well for your convenience (and mine), we’re trying something a little different here and I hope it works for you too. Basically I’m taking an idea from DC’s own playbook and breaking up their titles into sections, for eg: the Bat-family of books, Krypton-family books and so on and so forth. I’ll be talking briefly about all the titles that I’ve read since the reboot and giving my views and reactions as a long-time fan. Please note though, yes there will be titles not covered, because in the end I am just one dude and I can’t read everything – plus I don’t like to judge things too early if I can help it, so any comic that has had less than 6 issues will also not be on this list as they’re too new in my view to judge them.

That’s the start of it, to read the whole thing, just click through it on The Geekly HERE and I’ll see you all with another non-comic or review related post soon enough!

Cheers all!

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