Lessons from Charlottesville: This is how you float above the hate


There’s no shortage of news these days that’s heavy, scary, shameful at times and makes it hard to stay positive unless you engage in some degree of willful denial of the world at large and focus on your own little bubble – this is not new but it’s more of a task these days with the greater access to info than ever before.

One of the most recent example would be the situation in Charlottesville in the U.S.A which is not particularly bigger than any number of terrible incidents the world over – smaller in fact – but the speed and spread of it the world over and into people’s awareness illustrates my point.

However I’m not an American and so my purpose today is not to focus on this one incident but on it as an example, a microcosm of a broader point I’d like to make to people out there.

Some of the many faces of hate in our world.

I follow world affairs and am a big reader of history and have an interest in cultural and societal evolution and so keep aware of what’s in the news and how the world is around me. That said, I have to say that it is rare to find genuinely well thought out, reasonable and rational posts on these topics compared to the more hyperbolic (on either side) and harsher ones we tend to find when events like these and worse happen.

The saddest part I will say though is that despite as some people have noted I’m sure, it’s hard to understand how things are this bad when they weren’t not that long ago, it’s also because in certain ways it is indeed worse now – degraded even – I know people who are my parents generation who saw racial slurs, communal divisions and such being far less of a real problem compared to how it seems now. They’re both right and wrong – right in that there was a period of progress and growth in the very recent decades that despite divisions, was headed in a positive direction; but they’re wrong because those divisions were there, just quieter and less bold/openly displayed and so those who didn’t feel that way didn’t have to face it as much.

To read the rest, click through to The Daily O who kindly accepted this piece from me and actually published it online!


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